Improve blood circulation and menstrual pain
Recuperate uterine contraction
Improve sexual frigidity, relief dryness
Improve quality of sleep, strengthen memory
Eliminate vaginal odour
Promote skin cell regeneration
Skin whitening and lighten spots
Bustier and stronger breast
Moisture skin and reduce fine lines
Prevent Osteoporosis
Delay menopause
Prevent gynaecological diseases

Ovary Care
Beauty Skin & Confident

      Women in this modern society

are filled with despair at struggling with their own physiological issues besides economic burden and family pressure. Women face a variety of physiological changes from puberty into adulthood, middle age and old age. This results in hormonal imbalance in the body which affects the menstruation, fertility, and causes dry and dull skin, frigidity, sagging breast, premature aging and so on.

Keep your ovaries healthy to become an attractive

SAKURA supplement for modern women

SAKURA overcomes physiological disorders

Solve women's physiological problems
12 to 80 years old need






Menstrual pain

irregular menstrual periods

abnormally heavy or light menstrual bleeding

pale face






Inflammation in the vagina

endocrine disorders



dizziness and headache

qi and blood deficiency

excessive leukorrhea






Uterine cancer and breast cancer

with freckles and dark complexion

vaginal dryness

sagging breast

with wrinkles and dry skin

all kinds of female diseases

vaginal relaxation syndrome





Old age

menopausal syndrome


aging and fatigue

heart disease

urinary incontinence


                        Nine women need the most

1 The vaginal looseness caused by excessive sexual life, the compression of the female vagina depends on the contractile activity of the phalangeal muscle group (medical called PC muscle), and the vaginal wall exudate is exuded under the stimulation. The young and healthy female PC has good muscle function and high elasticity index. When sexual life is going on, the PC muscle will drive the rhythm of the vagina, which brings great joy to both sides. The PC muscle fiber is excessively stretched and contracted. The vagina becomes smooth and wrinkle-free, dry and slack, the stimulation is reduced, the vaginal wall is reduced, the sexual request is reduced, the sexual desire is gradually indifferent, the sexual pleasure is dissipated, and the husband and wife career is not as good as before. Its direct impact is the decline in the quality of sexual life. Therefore, vaginal relaxation is a "cooling agent" for husband and wife life, and a "third party" for husband and wife.


2 postpartum women, vaginal and uterine injury care, rapid discharge of residual cells and toxic materials in the vagina, but also can quickly restore vaginal elasticity and sensitivity.


3 Long-term sitting in the office lacks outdoor sports and long-wearing women in tight pants. Due to slow blood circulation, the metabolism of the genital muscles is poor, and the nerve ending cells are not activated and the sensitivity is reduced. 4 vaginal dryness, women who easily cause organ damage.

5 all kinds of gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervical rot and inflammation, endometritis, uterine prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, leucorrhea malodor, fungal contamination, uterine fibroids.


6 sex is cold, the couple's life is not coordinated, it is necessary to improve the vaginal relaxation, improve the sensitivity of sexual life, understand the feelings of the girlhood, enhance the contraction of the vaginal muscles, and hope to get a woman who is more loved by your husband.


7 middle-aged and elderly women who have been amenorrhea, because the middle-aged and elderly women are closed and the vagina is often dry and closed, the old cells can not be excreted with the monthly menstrual blood.


8 Yin blowing, dry, sex when the vagina seems to be deflated, the sexual process blowing cold wind. The vaginal dryness is discolored, and sex becomes tortured.


9 facial darkness, plaque, hemorrhoids, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine "women with blood for the distress, Lai qi and blood" and "Chong Ren two veins from the cell, up the face" mechanism. Chong Ren's two veins and blood filling are the basic materials for women's physiological movements. Liver, kidney, spleen, stomach disorders, affecting Ren Chong's blood is difficult to fill, showing facial dullness, dullness, irregular menstruation. So whether the blood is good or not is not just a face problem. It is a real reaction to whether the human body is healthy. Ren Chong two veins filled with blood, the body is healthy, the skin is delicate, white and tender, shiny, no pigmentation and calm

The type and amount of melanin (sinking pigmentation) contained in the body is the key to our skin tone. Because women in Southeast Asian countries are exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays all year round, a large amount of melanin is formed and precipitated in the dermis. Causes uneven skin tone and dim.


SAKURA is rich in celebrity whitening ingredients, glutathione, cantaloupe, cherry, apple and raisin cells. It protects human epidermal stem cells, enhances their survival rate and promotes epidermal regeneration. Excellent antioxidants keep the skin young and tender. Million skin cells inject new vitality, freeze the skin's slippery state and source to block the deposition of melanin. Make your body's skin from head to toe more white and bright.

A white cover three ugly, drink a whitening needle!
   Sakura Ingredients 

      1. SAKURA

  • Shrink pores

  • Strengthen mucous membrane

  • Keep your skin radiant and young

  • Improve overall skin condition

  • Accelerate skin cell regeneration

  • Moisture-retention ability


  • Strengthen and tighten vaginal muscle wall

  • Restore vaginal compaction

  • Reduce bad odor of the vaginal discharge

  • Improve frigidity

  • Enhance feminine allure


  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • improve psoriasis

  • Reduces cell damage

  • Improves insulin resistance

  • Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

  • Fight against autoimmune disease

  • Reduce the impact of uncontrolled diabetes

  • Reduce respiratory disease symptoms


  • Maintain youthfulness, delay aging

  • Contribute to radiant and supple skin

  • Enhance feminine allure

  • Improve intimacy between married couples

  • Increase your chance of getting pregnant

  • Strengthen bone and improve memory

  • Improve irregular menstrual periods

  • Reduce menstrual pain and leukorrhea


  • Suppress blood pressure rise

  • Lower blood cholesterol

  • Anti thrombosis

  • Prevent of cardiovascular diseases

  • Inhibit blood sugar rise

  • Promote the absorption of calcium

  • Improve immune function

  • Inhibit fat deposition


  • Improve menopausal syndrome

  • Enhanced osteoblast

  • Improve osteoporosis

  • Reduce the incidence of breast cancer

  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease

  • Regulation of estrogen

  • Delaying female aging


  • Improve blood antioxidants

  • Maintain cardiovascular disease

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Enhance memory

  • Prevent cancer

  • UV protection


  • Excrete harmful toxins in the body

  • moisturises the skin

  • Reduce skin melanin

  • Whitening skin Reduces fine lines

  • Prevent fetal malformations

  • Prevent liver cell steatosis and inhibit fibrosis

  • Promote human body blood production

  • Improve vision, prevent cataracts

  • Enhance skin cells against sun protection


  • Run the bowel

  • Prevention of colorectal cancer

  • Improve immune function

  • Help growth and development

  • Promote intestinal health


  • Regenerate stem cells

  • Activate cells

  • Repair damaged cells


  • Eliminate free radicals

  • Anti-tumor activity

  • Prevent platelet aggregation


  • Blood circulation, blood stasis, abdominal pain,

  • Women leucorrhea Nephritis edema, good

  • eyesight, Shun and stop bleeding Fetal leakage, uterine bleeding,

  • Menstrual disorders

  • Lower body contraction, anti-inflammatory, diuretic Hemostasis,

  • menstrual pain, infertility

  • Urine blood, uremia, warp

  • Uterine cancer, breast cancer, halo

                             SAKURA common problem


1) Is SAKURA Botanical Extract a natural food? SAKURA Botanical Extract is a pure natural drink that regulates the hormones in all aspects. It can stimulate the muscles to stimulate the endocrine system and restore youthfulness. Vaginal contractions increase the quality of sexual intercourse.


2) Is SAKURA plant extract safe to drink? SAKURA Botanical Extract is made from Germany and is made with the unique formula of high-tech Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology. It has the world's leading SGS test and proves that it is non-toxic and safe to drink. The Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) has demonstrated that it does not contain heavy metals, western medicine or prohibited ingredients.


3) Which women should not drink SAKURA plant extracts? SAKURA botanicals are very safe, but for safety reasons, pregnant and lactating women are hanged.


4) How long does it take to drink SAKURA plant extracts? Ordinary people drink, can have a very good effect in 2 weeks (encourage one pack for 28 years old and above), the most obvious is the increase in secretions, the lower body contraction, so that the couple life is more sensation, easier to meet orgasm.

5) Can SAKURA plant extracts be consumed for a long time? Yes, because it is a natural drink, and the body will age at all times. Long-term drinking will make the cells active, greatly improve the quality of sexual life, the skin is beautiful, younger, as if living in a reversal of time.

6) After a few people drink SAKURA botanical essence, there will be some reactions, such as: menstrual inaccuracy, skin, face, chest and lower body will have a little itching feeling, can you continue to drink? Yes, because SAKURA Botanical Serum is a nutritional supplement for all aspects of women's physiology, this process can cause various reactions to the body's affected area. This phenomenon is a short-term improvement response. It can be safely consumed and usually disappears within a week. .


7) Can SAKURA plant extracts be consumed with other products? Yes, because SAKURA botanicals are healthy foods, not drugs.


8) Is there any dependence on drinking SAKURA plant extracts? will not.


9) How to drink SAKURA plant extract? One to two small packets a day, drink on an empty stomach, the effect is better. See a package of women 28 years of age or older.


10) Why does SAKURA plant extracts work quickly? Because SAKURA plant extract is made of high-tech, absorbed through the tongue under the tongue, is not damaged by stomach acid, and is quickly absorbed by the body.

           SAKURA improved response

Improvement of various secretions excreted after using SAKURA


1.The different improvement reactions that will occur during the drinking of SAKURA will make each person's physical condition different. Because SAKURA has a self-examination function, it will detect your potential cause. Chinese medicine says that "the pain is not acceptable, and the general rule is not painful", so if the above reaction occurs, please don't panic. White thick film Endometrial shedding does not completely discharge the inferior genital dead skin and thickened intima formed by many years of accumulation.


2. Tofu slag sample The capillaries that have been ruptured during the menstrual period are not discharged and accumulated, and the inflammation is caused by trichomoniasis and fungal vaginitis.


3. Pussy-like or brown blood stains Cervical erosion, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, endometritis, have done laser, cryosurgery.


4. There is black slag inside the white leather wrap Long-term blood stasis, cysts.


5. White or yellow bean curd slag inside the white leather wrap Attachment inflammation, vaginitis and other inflammation.


6. Brown meat tissue Childbirth, residual tissue after abortion.


7. White strips of meat tissue Ren Chonghe, qi stagnation and blood stasis, hoarding and agglomeration to form a mass, may be polyps, tumors.

8. Green meat tissue Hepatobiliary is not good, forming inflammatory necrosis.


9. Long hairy tissue Has produced an unclean organization.


10. Fish-like thick film Made a small production.


11. Purple meat tissue Postoperative residual fibroids.


12. Parasites Parasites in the blood, parasites under the vulva.


13. Leucorrhea with blood Cervical erosion.

34 years old Katherine


Since I gave birth to a child, I have experienced a cold feeling, and the bed is extremely irreconcilable. I am afraid of getting out of bed, and I am afraid of getting out of bed. In short, I don’t want to be close to my husband. I have sex, and I’m more than enjoyable. I can’t afford to be interested. After the friend introduced SAKURA, I changed from a cold princess to a passionate baby, and the pillow-side person was flattered. Taking SAKURA less than two months, the chest is full, feeling the sensitivity of sexual life, the contraction of the vaginal muscles, and understanding the feelings of the girlhood. Feel comfortable to enjoy! At the same time, I also found that the skin is more and more smooth and white, and the black cyan, edema and rough skin left behind after the eyelid surgery have disappeared.

24 years old Judy


I am afraid of going to bed every night, not afraid of sleeping alone, not afraid of monsters, but afraid that young husbands with physiological needs will simply ask me. I got married at the age of 20 and gave birth to two children. After the second child was born, the house was far away from me. After giving birth to the second child, I was very repulsive to the husband and wife. The demand for the husband was either rejected or not, and the husband was very addicted. Every night before going to sleep, my heart beats faster, I am afraid that my husband is simply, even my husband is avoiding. I specifically dismissed the maid, just to let myself do housework, exhausted every night, let her husband sleep first, and then quietly go to bed, dare not alarm her husband, can avoid sex. I am young and beautiful, asexual life is absolutely impossible, maybe I am because of the hardships of health, I am not interested in Zhou Gongzhi, so I fell into the abyss of pain. Husband's young career is successful, and the level of contact is wide. I also worry that asexual life will arouse the husband's centrifugation. In order to save the blessings, I don’t want Xiaosan to take advantage of it. Under the introduction of my friends, I drank the SAKURA female sacred product. I have a small bag of drinks in the morning and evening, less than a month, I feel that come, sex is coming, intimate pleasure will soon be there, I am glad to regain happiness

40 years old Fiona

Suffering from semen susceptibility for a long time, the body is very itchy after the accident. The problem of vaginal discharge has been entangled, and it has been repeated for a long time. It often has a strong smell, and the monthly events are repeated. Since suffering from semen susceptibility, I have a special fear of sexual intercourse and are very resistant. I often regret my husband. After giving birth, my body will be softer for the skin, making me feel inferior, often sad in the dark. Soon after I took SAKURA, I found that all parts of my body have improved. All parts of the sensitive disease, including facial acne, have disappeared, and the skin is restored to white, smooth and rosy. The moon is not in pain and on time. The happiest thing is to make my husband and wife more happy and happy. After drinking for three months, everyone does not want to take a look at the yellow-faced woman who turned into a beautiful woman with a high rate of return. There are often strangers who think that I am a yellow-haired prostitute who is not married. Thank you SAKURA!

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