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CCI Group’s promote the concept of great healththrough reform and innovationwith more professionalmore accurate and more convenient services and products.

Datuk Dr. Lu Zechen and Mr. Huang Tianlai. These two giants joined forces and led the professional marketing elites and market executives at home and abroad. Through more than ten years of unremitting efforts. 

In 2019, in line with the trend of new development and the realization of new industrial layout, CCI Group co-sponsored the German pharmaceutical and health care team of the global pharmaceutical company TOP10 – Sino Germany Biotechnology, through the research and development of biological science research institutions and technology industry, launched a number of young and old The special products, especially the key points, the grand launch of the two major products in the subversion of the big health field, Samurai, and Sakura, opened a new era of health, and dedicated their products to the promotion of the Malaysian market, which is excellent for Malaysians.

CCI Group brings together all aspects of human resources and resources to fully expand the health industry.

The company adheres to the CCI Group’s business philosophy of “Everyone’s Career”, caters to the development trend of multimedia technology, provides diversified creation of new health products and advanced online conferences, online training, online sales and other information services to assist the world.

The construction and development of the most complete electronic marketing network, the world can quickly communicate in the roaming Internet, order or sell products, recommend business partners, query performance and all marketing consulting, realize the greatest essence of the sharing economy: “You There is me, I have you, the unlimited potential and business opportunities.

CCI Concept

Champion Club International Concept

  1. Do not spare no effort to make selfless contributions to the country and social construction, and realize the spirit of “taking the society and using the society”.
  2. All strategic planning is based on the interests of customers and business partners, and operates a “win-win strategy”.
  3. Adopting a fair, just, open and transparent operation model and system has become a model for the field.
  4. Continuously improve and grow as indicators of growth, and continue to bring surprises and benefits to customers and partners.

Entrepreneur System

Chief Executive of the Declaration

In the 21st century, the impact of the Internet on humanity is self-evident. It has completely changed people’s life details and work patterns, including communication, trading and consumption. Through the Internet, we can seamlessly connect with the connected virtual world anytime and anywhere without any space and time constraints, and browse, exchange, disseminate and search for information. This development trend has also subverted the long and complicated traditional trading methods of the past, resulting in a new electronic business trading platform. Nowadays, users can use any electronic products to avoid wading in the mountains, just stay in a comfortable home or office, and through a series of finger-to-finger moves, they can conduct trade transactions and negotiate.

Our mission

We are committed to creating business opportunities without borders through the Internet, and spreading a loving and reciprocal love culture. We will build international-level electronic marketing companies regardless of race or religion, and strive to raise the community’s awareness of health awareness, financial freedom and personal connections. We create outstanding business opportunities through our own high-quality and revolutionary products, and we are committed to bringing the world into a fast, far-reaching world-class communication platform to create a healthier and richer life. We want to build is a shining stage, a stage that not only realizes our ideals, but also your stage of achieving ambition, international outlook, and talent. In this era, there is no cure.

Our vision

  • Building an international network marketing business platform
  • Guide the world to operate a high quality lifestyle
  • Consolidate the team strength of the world and achieve career
  • Implement the concept of health management, everyone’s health
  • Create professional and qualified marketing talents.

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